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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients. We know it and you know it – our service seems too good to be true. However, we do stand out in the crowd and our testimonials represent the obvious proof that we go around our customers’ needs.


The quote is for everything you might need to move. There will be no extra charges showing up out of nowhere. The quote is for coming there, packing your stuff, loading it into your vehicles, moving it and unloading it to your new address. Unpacking all the boxes is your job – you know better where everything goes.


We understand your frustration because many companies work like this. They will give you a quote, they overcharge you with all kinds of random things. There will be nothing coming up on the way. You do not have to pay for fuel, refreshments or food.

You will get a rough quote over the phone, but if you want a more specific one, we will also send someone to you to see what you want to move. They will analyze the items and decide on what kind of vehicle you need. That quote will be spot on.

We are both fully trained and insured. In other words, there is nothing to worry about if any of your items gets damaged or any of our workers gets injured. Our insurance covers everything. At the same time, we have never had to use it because of the extensive training we have.

We have 20 vehicles in our fleet. Some of them are small or large vans, while others are massive trucks for heavy duty jobs. In other words, you can have a palace and we will still be able to do it. In the worst possible case, we will get there a few more times.

If something has to be moved, we will be there for you. It makes no difference if you move with your family to another city or you move the business headquarters to another building. We provide both residential and commercial services.

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Leave us your phone number and we will ring you within minutes only. We will carry on with the quote over the phone.

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