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Rehmat 1 was established in 1974. The family business has grown to become a reputable company known all around the country now. Back then, it was established as a response to a market that required a better service. Movers were terrible, damaging items or even stealing small belongings. You had to pay for everything – quotes, loading, unloading. It felt like every single thing they had to do was a different service. Rehmat 1 came in to change all these and offered cost efficient quotes for the entire service. In other words, packing, loading and unloading were free of charge. It was a service that looked like a bargain to everyone who wanted something different. Basically, our company has grown around our clients and our reputation is the obvious proof.

45 years on the market

Established in 1974, Rehmat 1 is a family business that started with two family employees. We have always tried to provide better than the best of our competition. With time, our reputation and team grew to a professional level, so we can now cover wider areas.


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We Provide Personnel According To The Capacity Of Your Goods. Undamaged, Stress-free

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